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Sanctuary a ritual for strings, winds, collaborators and a ritual master

(Final Master Project)

Piano Etudes

(Comissioned by Bert Lasseel)

Shards of for clarinet, soprano and piano

(Comissioned by Luís Melo)

Suspenso for 8 guitars

(Comissioned by Miry Concertzaal)



Rupture for ensemble

(Comissioned by Lucerne Festival 2023)


Insurgência for clarinet solo

(Comissioned by Premios Jovens Músicos 2023)


On Public Masturbation for violin, harp and electronics

(Comissioned by Miry Concertzaal)

So The End Passes Swiftly for sax ensemble and percussion

(Comissioned by Miry Concertzaal)

Velvet for kamancheh, daegum and accordion

(Comissioned by Lod)



Nocturno for symphonic orchestra

(Comissioned by Armenian National Philarmonic Orchestra)


Desforra for small ensemble and narrator


Insurrection for piano

(Comissioned by PTC of New York)

Ritual for symphonic orchestra

(Second place by SPA/Antena 2 Composition Competition)

Sacrificial Dance for ensemble

(Comissioned by Sketch 351)

Nice / No Breathing for vibraphone and electronics

Nostalgia for small ensemble and live eletronics

Reflexos na Água for percussion and string quartet


Weep, weep, my muse for narrator, 2 viola da gamba and kamancha

(First place at Sayat Nova international composition competition)

Uma Última Reflexão for accordion solo and ensemble

(First place at Folefest composition competition)

Eclipse da Auto-Degradação for symphonic band

(Finalist at BSP composition competition)



[57934] for two pianos

Pela noite, ao Luar for euphonium and electronics


La tourment for alto saxophone and prepared piano

Quatro Miniaturas for Piano

Close your Eyes and Chill acousmatic piece

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