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"“Sanctuary” is a ritual of processes. The first and foundational one, essential to all others, is the fall of the night. The ritual begins in daylight and concludes under the veil of night. At the time, there is the gradual emergence of a sense of community. Initially, the audience and musicians exist as separate entities, but gradually, over the course of the ritual, they coalesce into a unified entity. Smaller processes also appear throughout: the movement from one end of the room to the other, the nuanced shifts in the strings' notes, the pouring out of water, and the crescendo of singing voices."

Based on this poem that I wrote:

The night falls over us.

It allows us to breathe

to sing.


Listen to the voices,

Lose yourself in their movement,

Let them comfort you,

Embrace you.


Feel the sanctuary,

It’s warmth,

It will not abandon you,

Trust it.


Never forget that

What we search in each other

is always the night.

Final Master's Project

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